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Windows PC Services and Repairs


Anti-Virus Install

After removing the viruses on your computer we can also install an anti-virus software valid for one year.

System Cleanup

Is your computer running so slow? Bring it to our location in San Anselmo and we'll help you remove any programs that may be causing your computer issues. In some cases, we may have to remove a virus  infecting your computer and install anti-virus software. 

System Upgrade

Running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and would like to run the latest operating system? We can update your computer to the newest operating system, and offer you a free 30-minute tutorial on how to use your new operating system.

Data Transfer

If your computer crashes, if you bought a new computer, if you need to transfer your data, or if you want to reset your computer but want to save some important pictures, music, videos or documents, we can help you by  transferring hard rive data to a separate computer or  external drive. 

Hard Drive Upgrade

Do you have limited disk space or your hard drive? We can upgrade your hard drive capacity to 500GB, 750 GB, or 1 TB and transfer all your information from your old hard drive to the newly installed one. 

Virus Removal

Is your computer suffering from a fixed blue, black, or no screen, uncontrollable pop ups, extremely slow computer, or random programs starting without your consent? You may have a virus, and you should get it removed as soon as possible to minimize the risk of the virus interfering with your information or jeopardizing your personal information. 

RAM Upgrade

Is your computer running on limited RAM, making it difficult to use many webpages or applications at once? Bring it to our location in San Anselmo and we can install faster RAM so your computer can run at its fullest potential.

Windows Updates and Optimization

If your computer is slow but has no viruses, it may be because your computer needs some system or other software updates. Optimizing your computer includes installing the newest programs that allow you to use popular social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Web Browsers, etc.

Hardware Repair and Parts Replacements

We can repair Hard Drives, Keyboards, RAM Memory,Optical Drives, Fans, LCD panels, and many more parts. Please visit us or give us a call so we can best assist you with your computer issues. 

Free Electronics Recycling

We can take in any smartphones, tablets, or computers, and recycle them appropriately free of cost. 

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