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Meet the Owner
Abraham Ek Lopez Owner C.E.O. C.E.O CEO Boss San Rafael San Anselmo California

Abraham Ek Lopez - Repair Technician and Local Business Entrepreneur 

Abraham Ek Lopez, a San Rafael based Tech and Business entrepreneur, has held a passion for tech since an early age. Born and raised in the Yucatan Peninsula, Abraham spent his childhood building machines, and was able to fully realize his passion in the US. San Anselmo Tablet & Phone Repair, strives to repair a wide variety of electronic devices. From replacing batteries to OLED screens, Abraham is a master of his trade. San Anselmo Tablet & Phone Repair, founded in October 2017, has found success in the San Anselmo district, and now employs 5 repair technicians. Please feel free to visit us in person, contact us with questions, and spread the word!

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